A Better Education Club


The ABE Club of Miramonte High School works to improve the lives of students and villagers in the Mt. Kasigau area of Kenya.  Located near Tsavo National Park, Mt. Kasigau is surrounded by five villages with an approximate population of 6000.  Founded in 2004, ABE works closely with local leaders on educational and community development projects.  During the summer, ABE members travel to Kenya to teach school and participate in community development activities.  ABE has recruited sponsors for over 150 students at Moi High School and secured funds to support pre-schools in each of the five villages. ABE established and provides continuing support for a community library and theatre.  ABE has also installed solar power at the local community center and high school.  In addition to these projects, ABE is working to improve the local economy by providing seed funding for individuals to start local businesses with the goal of becoming economically independent.  


Photograph taken by Alex Isaacs